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Hydraulic press capacities range from 10-ton to 200-ton

Nut splitting with hydraulic nut splitters and cutters is the safest method. It takes less time and avoids costly damage to joint components. The head design fitted with heavy duty chisels permits the splitting of nuts on a wide variety of applications. With the two blade models nuts are split from two sides in one action. Combining the Enerpac and Equalizer nut splitter line into a single offering provides a complete line of nut splitting tools.

5 – 195 TON Capacity


Hydraulic nut splitters and cutters have become indispensable tools in various industrial applications due to their efficiency, safety, and versatility. These tools offer a safer alternative to traditional methods such as cutting torches, hammers, and chisels, ensuring minimal risk of accidents and damage to joint components.

The head design equipped with heavy-duty chisels allows the splitting of nuts across a wide range of applications, and the incorporation of two-blade models enables the simultaneous splitting of nuts from two sides in a single action. This not only saves time but also minimizes the potential for costly damage during the nut splitting process.

One notable example is the NC1019, a 5-ton capacity hydraulic nut cutter designed to handle hexagon nuts up to 0.75 inches. This hydraulic nut splitter features a single heavy-duty chisel blade, offering a safer, easier, and more efficient alternative to traditional tools like cutting torches, hammers, and chisels. The focus on safety and ease of use makes hydraulic nut splitters an attractive choice for industrial professionals looking to enhance efficiency while prioritizing workplace safety.

5 Ton Capacity, Hydraulic Nut Cutter
35 Ton Capacity, Hydraulic Nut Cutter
15 Ton Capacity, Single-Acting Nut Splitter
Power Head, Double-Acting, Hexagon

Another noteworthy option is the Simplex nut splitter, which stands out for its ability to accommodate up to eight different nut sizes, providing greater value and versatility.

The specifically designed head of Simplex nut splitters fits all A.P.I. and ANSI flanges and is capable of cutting nuts ranging from 0.5 inches to 2.88 inches. An important feature of these splitters is the ability to calibrate the cutting chisel, allowing for precise cutting of the nut without causing damage to the bolt or stud.

Simplex nut splitters are known for their robustness, capable of cutting even the toughest nuts, including those with a grade 8 and 2H hardness (ASTM A 194/2H) with a Brinell hardness of 248-325. This level of durability and precision makes Simplex nut splitters a reliable choice for a wide range of industrial nut splitting applications.

Nut Splitters
Nut Splitters

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