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WB Hydraulic & Pneumatic Jacking Systems


WB Equipment Consulting Services

Bridge Rehabilitation or Complete Bridge Replacement.

WB Equipment specializes in supplying custom hydraulic and pneumatic systems for industry and construction needs. With expertise in synchronous and simultaneous jacking systems, our rentals facilitate tasks like bridge raising, rolling, and weighing, as well as pipe jacking, pile testing, and house moving. We offer solutions for bridge replacement, rehabilitation, and more.

Bridge Raising & Lowering : Bridge Replacement : Bridge Roll-In : Bridge Weighing

Consulting Services for Bridge Management

In bridge construction, cranes serve as primary but not always optimal equipment due to several limitations:

  • Accessibility: Cranes require ample space, posing challenges in confined areas.
  • Height Restrictions: They’re hindered by overhead obstacles.
  • Weight Limits: Capacity constraints hinder lifting heavy bridge components.
  • Weather Dependency: Crane stability is compromised by adverse weather.
  • Cost: High rental and operational expenses escalate project costs.

Alternatives like Hydraulic Strand Jacks, Hydraulic Gantries, and Jack-Up Systems offer efficient, cost-effective solutions, especially in scenarios where crane usage proves impractical or financially burdensome. These alternatives ensure precise lifting and positioning crucial for successful bridge and highway construction projects.

Bridge Raising & Lowering

Tasks such as bearing replacement, stressing cables and beam replacement are made much easier when using the right jacking system.


Elevate or lower structures with ease using our custom hydraulic systems. Contact our engineers to tailor solutions for your needs, whether it’s bridge replacement or rehabilitation.

Tasks like bearing or beam replacement are simplified with our precise jacking systems, available in various configurations to suit any project requirement.


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  • Field Service
  • Immediate Delivery & Pickup
  • Unlimited Tonnage

Bridge Replacement


The New Virginia St. Bridge.

The iconic Reno landmark, the Virginia Street Bridge (VSB), has undergone a complete transformation. There, for over 100 years the VSB quietly stayed the same, carrying residents and visitors into the heart of the Biggest Little City while Reno grew and changed around it. Well past its service life, the bridge’s historical status gave way to safety and flood-control concerns.

A new bridge was set to replace the older structure to ensure public safety, improve travel for pedestrians across the bridge and also make improvements to the Truckee River’s flood capacity. The Virginia Street Bridge project included demolition of the former bridge, an earth-filled, reinforced concrete, dual-arch structure spanning the Truckee River, and the construction of a new, reinforced concrete, rigid frame, bowstring truss bridge. 

Whether it be Bridge Rehabilitation or Complete Bridge Replacement, we have the right jacking system to perform the task at hand

Bridge Roll-Ins


New York I-678 Bridge Replacement

Our client asked us to design and provide a sixteen point Synchronous Jacking System to both raise and remove the existing bridges spanning over the I-678.

The bridges were raised and placed on a set of rollers, then pushed off to the side so that they could be demolished and taken away. The new bridge was placed on rollers and rolled into position then lowered into place using the same sixteen point Synchronous Jacking System.

This was done for both bridges on I-678. The Jamaica Avenue Bridge and Hillside Avenue Bridge job was a big success.

Bridge Weighing

Precision Weighing

With over 50 years experience in the industry we have the capability to weigh any structure whether it be a bridge, building or stadium, accurately and precisely.

Computer controlled lifting and lowering system

Personal computer based control unit with user-friendly Windows interface
Digital control of the lifting process accurate to + – .04” [1mm] between leading and lagging lifting points Multiple lift point capability, from 2 to 24points Data recording, graphic presentations and print-out capability Automatic stop at pre-set stroke or load limit

Using a custom designed system consisting of hydraulic cylinders and digital resistant loadcells, we can accurately calculate the weight of any structure

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