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ETR100, Electric trolley, 100 Ton

Capacity per Trolley Unit (tons):  110

ETR100, Electric trolley, 100 Ton

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Model: ETR100   |   Series: ETR   |  Product Line: Heavy Lifting Technology

The ETR-Series Trolley System is comprised of electrically driven trolleys which can carry heavy loads along a fixed track system. The entire system is controlled by a hand-held wireless control system. A typical system is comprised of 4 trolleys, 2 tracks and one controller. Trolley tracks and controller must be ordered separately.

The Enerpac Trolley System provides an alternative method with increased benefits over traditional skidding methods. Load movements are more stable due to the continuous movement and ability to precisely control travel speed including acceleration and deceleration.

Key features:
Low speed: 82 feet/hour
High speed: 164 feet/hour
Accuracy: 0.38 inches
Sideload: 1.5% rated load
Sound Level: < 80 dBA

  • High transport speed
    - 164 ft/hour loaded
    - 328 ft/hour unloaded
  • Suited for repetitive movements
  • Runs on simple flat steel plate
  • Ease of maintenance
    - long maintenance intervals
    - no consumables
  • Clean usage – electric driven
  • Built-in synchronization – no need for forced external mechanical connection to synchronize movements
  • Easy transport - compact design
  • Hydraulic lifting cylinder option available
  • Kits to accommodate other lifting options also available


Capacity per Trolley Unit (tons):  110
Maximum Sideload (tons):  1.66
Travel Speed, Low (ft/hr):  82
Travel Speed, High (ft/hr):  164
Motor Power (hp):  1.0
Motor Voltage (VAC):  380-480
Current Draw (Amps):  32
Sound Level (dBA):  <80
Weight (kg):  850

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